Salisbury library

Brief description

In 1903  Carnegie offered £4,000 toward the cost of a building. £1,000 was raised by public subscription to buy a site, and the building in Chipper Lane opened in 1905. The architect was Alfred Champney Bothams, in a style described as “free Cotswold Tudor-Jacobean”.

Awarded Grade II listing in 1972.

Current status: The library closed in 1975 (and moved to the Market House). the building has been refurbished, and is now called Old Library Chambers. It is currently used as offices by solicitors and accountants. (2020)

  • Year grant given (if known): 1903
  • Amount of grant: £4,000
  • Year opened (and by who – if known): 1905

Photo of library in 2020 :

Photo credit: Oriel Prizeman 2020. Image shared under CC license CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 Cardiff University AHRC Shelf Life project


Old photo of library (postcard):

Nothing in my collection yet


Not yet – although we did pop into the current library in Salisbury during a flying visit.

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