The Carnegie legacy in England

Its quite hard to find out exactly how many libraries in England were funded by Carnegie. There were around 660 libraries built in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and the ones in Scotland and Ireland are fairly well documented.

There were grants given to cities, who may have built several branches. There were grants given to places that have since changed their name or are now in different administrative areas (the county map in England has changed completely during the that 100 years – both the place I was born and the place I initially grew up in now have very different addresses).

During this phase of my research project I hope to fill in some gaps and produce a fairly complete list of what was funded in England.

The posts will include details, and at some point I’ll add a map here…….. (lots more prep needed for that though!)

Interesting to read how many Carnegie buildings have been given listed status. Historic England listed a couple more (in 2017) and this article references the ones in Stockport (with a photo of the wonderful glass dome), Darwen, and Nelson. The latter is no longer open as a library