Winton library

Brief description

The first of four libraries to be built in Bournemouth following the Carnegie award.
It was built on land given by Lord Leven. the architects were Harry E Hawker and Victor Mitchell. The winning tender for the new library was from Miller and Sons who submitted an estimate of £1,833.

The library was modernised and redecorated in 1926 and extended in 1933. Forty years later in 1967 there was another major refurbishment which included new floors and lighting.

It was declared a Grade 2 listed building in 1976.

There were more refurbishments in 1993 and 2006 – when the library was fitted with a computer suite.

Current status: Still a public library, managed by Bournemouth borough council (2021).

  • Year grant given (if known):
  • Amount of grant: A total of £10,000 to build 4 libraries: Westbourne, Springbourne, Winton and Boscombe. Winton was allocated £2,000
  • Year opened: 26 October 1907, by Alderman JA Parsons, Mayor of Bournemouth.

Photo of library in 2013:




Old photo of library (postcard):


We visited in 2013.  It was busy, but the librarian had time to talk. She explained the back of the building used to house a bindery, but once that was no longer needed, it was refurbished and now houses a children’s centre.
The street off to the right is called Library Road!

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