Skewen library

Brief description

The architect was J Cook Rees. The book “Books, Buildings and Social Engineering: Early Public Libraries in Britain” includes the date 1905, while the stone over the door has the date 1904. More research needed!

Current status: Currently a community centre, owned by Coedffranc Town council. News items (linked below) indicate that the library service may relocate back to the building! (2019). Update – see comment below – library services are due to return and the library will reopen in March 2020. 

  • Year grant given (if known): 1903
  • Amount of grant: £2,000
  • Year opened (and by who – if known): 10 June 1905 by Mrs Blanche Evans (the american bride of local lawyer – thanks to local historian who provided the information in her comment below)

Photo of library today (2019):

Red brick building with yellow stone details

Old photo of library (postcard):


Yes, on our way back from a week in Pembrokeshire.

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