Whitchurch library

Brief description

The building was designed in the Flemish Baroque style by R and S Williams of Cardiff and built by W T Morgan. The war memorial in the garden in front of the library commemorates the dead from two World Wars.

Awarded Grade II listing in 2002

Current status: Still open as a public library, run by Cardiff City council (2019)

  • Year grant given (if known): The parish first petitioned the Carnegie Foundation for a grant in 1899 (but weren’t successful immediately)
  • Amount of grant: £2,000
  • Year opened (and by who – if known): 14 December 1904

Photo of library today (2019):

Single storey red brick building, with war memorial in front (statue of a man on a tall plinth)
Whitchurch library


Brass plaque noting the Andrew Carnegie donated £2,000 to the council to enable the library to be built
Plaque in Whitchurch library, recording Carnegie’s donation

Old photo of library (postcard):

Nothing in my collection yet


Yes, during our holiday in South Wales, June 2019. There was a poster in the library with details of their plans for refurbishment and changes. The current entrance is round to the side of the library, and leads into the modern extension. That is going to be closed, so the configuration of those rooms can be changed. The library will once again be entered via the original front door – seen on the left hand side of the photo above.

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