Rock Road library, Cambridge

Brief description

Grant given by the Carnegie UK Trust. An article from the week following the opening states: “Mr W.A. Fenton, the Borough Librarian, has seen a tremendous growth in the reading public since he took office. The new Rock Road Library has had an excellent start-off this week. When I looked in last night I found a continuous flow of adults and juveniles. The children’s reading room was practically full and some boys to whom I spoke assured me that everything was quite all right. Work on a new branch library at the corner of Milton Road and Ascham Road will begin almost immediately. The site appears to be an ideal one and new building should be complete before 1937 is very far advanced.”

Current status: Still open as a public library, run by Cambridgeshire council (2017)

  • Year grant given (if known):
  • Amount of grant:
  • Year opened (and by who – if known): 21 May 1936

Photo of library today (2001):


Photo credit: Cambridgeshire libraries

Old photo of library (postcard):

Nothing in my collection yet


Not yet

Web links:

  • Capturing Cambridge (collection of articles from the local press) – timeline

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