Peterborough library

Brief description

The architects were Alfred George Hall and john Henry Arthur Phillips. After the opening ceremony, Carnegie became the first person to be awarded the Freedom of Peterborough.

Current status: Ceased to be a library in 1990. When I saw it in 2011, it was a chinese restaurant. The photo on the Shelflife project shows a restaurant called Bashoh – an indian restaurant (2020).

  • Year grant given (if known):
  • Amount of grant: £6,700
  • Year opened (and by who – if known): Opened by Andrew Carnegie on 24* May 1906 (see photo below) *nb on site said 29 May.

Photo of library in 2011:



peterborough (2)

Opening ceremony in 1906

Old photo of library (postcard):

Apparently the market was close by, I don’t think the sheep are being taken for storytime!


Yes, although I just saw the outside. Peterborough’s new library is close by on the opposite side of the road.

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