Taunton library

Brief description

Architects were Alexander Colbourne Little and Ingreson C Goodison [Goodson], and the builder was TH Moggridge.

Current status: The library closed in 1996, and it became a winebar/restaurant.

  • Year grant given (if known):
  • Amount of grant:
  • Foundation stone laid: 13 October 1904
  • Year opened: 24 August 1905 by the Mayor: Josiah Lewis

Photo of library today:




The brass plaque from the library which is now on the wall in the new one.


Foundation stone still visible on the old library.

Old photo of library (postcard):



Found the old library in 2008 when returning from a holiday in Cornwall. Visited the new library in Taunton in April 2016, and saw the brass plaque

Web links:

Location 16 on Taunton Town Heritage Trail

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