Chorlton library

Brief description

Designed by Manchester City Corporation architect: Henry Price in the Edwardian Baroque style (who also designed other libraries in Manchester, including Didsbury). Became Grade II listed in 2013. The listing states: “In 1912 Henry Price’s original plan drawings for the building, which were being sent to Andrew Carnegie for approval, went down with the RMS Titanic; duplicate copies were sent later.” In c1964 an extension was added on to the south-east side and in 1983/4 some internal alterations were carried out. This latter work included inserting a floor into the dome to provide a staff room.

Current status? Still a library, operated by Manchester City Council (2017).

  • Year grant given (if known):
  • Amount of grant: £5,000
  • Year opened (and by who – if known): 4 November 1914, by the Lord Mayor of Manchester, Alderman McCabe.

Photo of library today (2015):



Old photo of library (postcard):


Visited December 2015 and had long conversation with one of the members of staff, who has done a lot of work on the origins and development of the library.

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