Plumstead library

Brief description

This building, designed by Frank Sumner, borough engineer, is on Plumstead High Street.

Grade II Listing was awarded in 2016.

From the listing entry: “The library was originally laid out with the reading room in the very well-lit north-east room, the newspapers and magazines in the large north-west room, and the adult lending library was held in the south-west, with a book store, offices, and a ‘music, art and study room’ partitioned off opposite. The issue desk was positioned at the entrance to the lending library. Evidence exists to suggest the library may originally have operated on a closed access system. The first-floor museum was opened in 1919.”

Current status: Still operating as a public library. Although when it was opened it was in the London Borough of Woolwich, it is now situated in Greenwich, and run by GLL.

  • Year grant given (if known):
  • Amount of grant: £15,250
  • Year opened: Opened by the Right Honourable John Morley MP on 17 December 1904

Photo of library today:




Old photo of library (postcard):

[to be scanned]


I visited on a Saturday (2 July 2016) and the library was open and fairly busy. Virtually all the public computer terminals were in use and there were a couple of families in the children’s section.

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